(Re)percussions Bonjour! Je m'apelle Ashley!:)
Art and photography is the way I perceive the world around me. Music is how I express the feelings that cannot be voiced in words. Dance is the passion of the soles of my feet. Poetry is my raw feeling and words. Sleep is where my dreams come from. Travel is where I find myself and where my dreams come true. Food is what never fails to make me happy :d


Madonna’s 80s Cone Bra making a comeback in Belgium.

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Park Day!


via humansofnewyork:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
"An architect.”
"What’s the hardest part about being an architect?"
"Making the drawings."
"What’s the best part about being an architect?"
"Making places for people to live."

This one spoke to me.

yes. this. c: 

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